Review: Dark and Shallow Lies

Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers Sain

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Genre: Fantasy


La Cachette, Louisiana, is the worst place to be if you have something to hide.

This tiny town, where seventeen-year-old Grey spends her summers, is the self-proclaimed Psychic Capital of the World—and the place where Elora Pellerin, Grey’s best friend, disappeared six months earlier.

Grey can’t believe that Elora vanished into thin air any more than she can believe that nobody in a town full of psychics knows what happened. But as she digs into the night that Elora went missing, she begins to realize that everybody in town is hiding something—her grandmother Honey; her childhood crush Hart; and even her late mother, whose secrets continue to call to Grey from beyond the grave.

When a mysterious stranger emerges from the bayou—a stormy-eyed boy with links to Elora and the town’s bloody history—Grey realizes that La Cachette’s past is far more present and dangerous than she’d ever understood. Suddenly, she doesn’t know who she can trust. In a town where secrets lurk just below the surface, and where a murderer is on the loose, nobody can be presumed innocent—and La Cachette’s dark and shallow lies may just rip the town apart


I listened to this book pretty quickly over the weekend while running, cleaning and any chance I could get. The story drew me almost right away. Even though lately I feel like all I read is books about missing girls this one had a little supernatural spin to it. It was definitely unique from the others. The narrator does an amazing job capturing the various characters. The setting in low country Louisiana also added a dark Creole mystic vibe to the book. The book centers around the Summer Children- named that because they were all born around the same time. They were all intriguing and I would have loved to heard more background from each of them


Overall this was a great audiobook and I will probably buy the physical copy to have on hand as well! Thank you to Penguin Random House Audio for the ALC of this book!

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